1933 MG J2 Swept Wing **MISSING**

J 4213


This J2 was owned by my mother in the mid-sixties and now seems to have vanished. I have managed to trace a large amount of its history right up until 1997 after which is trail just goes cold. The last recorded owner by the NZ MGCC was a Rosemary Ward of Epsom, however the UK triple-m register has the last owner as a Bill Bryce, neither of these folk can be found at this stage. If you have any information on J4213 please get in touch (danielr@mgcars.co.nz) as I would love to track her down.


The photo's above and below were taken whilst the car was still in the family (circa 1965) My apologies for the quality, they were scanned off some very faded glass slides.


The following is the history and details I have on J4213 to date, hopefully it might jog someone's memory!


J2 - 4213 original engine number 2788.AJ

She left the MG factory in Abingdon on 3/11/1933 for the dealers and was red with a red interior on red wire wheels (not my first choice!). First sold on the 21st of Nov 1933 to a Mr G A Dawkins, of Southampton and went back to the factory in December the same year with carburettor flooding problems.

I have little information on how she came to New Zealand or when but she was purchased by my mother in the sixties and was registered EX715 (which is very cool given the MG EX models!)


The car was disassembled by my Uncle with the suspicion of a broken crank, it was later sold to Frank Carter in bits (I believe in the late sixties) once restored it was registered GQ1933 was painted British Racing Green, had been changed to cycle guards and fitted with Hydraulic brakes. Additionally at some point the engine had been changed to 291185A. All this ties up with the triple MMM year book 1986. Frank sold the car via car dealer and he has confirmed Rosemary Ward ownership. After that it is a mystery, there has been some rumour that is has left NZ, with the USA being the destination, however searches of the known J2's in the USA have turned up nothing.

The UK MMM register number for this car was : 1515

Additionally there has been some suggestion that that this car now resides in the British Heritage Museum however both trips to the Museum and the triple MMM year books have proven this to be otherwise.

Below is the last known photo of the car taken at an MGCC event and dated Feb 1979